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If I were a Copt | Father Bishoy Andrawes

If I were a Copt

I usually don’t like to post any thing related to politics but I some how liked this article.

“If I were a Copt, I would flood Egypt, and the world, with the facts about the overall atmosphere that is pressuring the Copts in Egypt today.

“If I were a Copt, I would familiarize the world with the injustices caused to many Copts in Egypt since [the Free Officers Revolution in] 1952. They don’t get the high-level political posts and executive positions that they deserve, not to mention their sparse [representation] in parliament.

“If I were a Copt, I would create a ruckus in Egypt, and in the world, over the fact that I pay taxes with which the state funds Al-Azhar University, while [Al-Azhar] does not permit Copts to attend any of its institutes.

“If I were a Copt, I would make a huge commotion in the world, because my taxes fund the construction of dozens of mosques, but, since 1952, the Egyptian state has not participated in the building of a single church, except for president Gamal Abd Al-Nasser’s participation in funding the construction of the St. Marc Cathedral in Al-’Abasiyya, 40 years ago…

“If I were a Copt, I would publish articles, one after another, about how the [Egyptian] media ignores matters [concerning me] and my religious holidays – as if I and the Copts did not exist in Egypt.

“If I were a Copt, I would tell the entire world [how] the Coptic history of Egypt [is handled] in the Egyptian curriculum, and how the study material for the Arabic language no longer [includes] literary texts, qasidahs, poetry, stories, plays, and legends, but [only] Islamic texts which [belong] with the study material for religion [class] for Muslim pupils.

“If I were a Copt, I would flood the world with complaints about the suffering Copts go through [merely] in order to obtain a license to build a church – with their own funds, not with the public taxes that [they] participate in paying.

“If I were a Copt, I would bring the world to its feet because of the terrible things that some Muslim writers write and disseminate – about how a Copt should not be permitted to be the head of state, on [how a Copt should pay] the jizya [poll tax paid by protected non-Muslims under Islam], and how Copts should not be drafted into the military… [such as] the idiotic statements by Dr. Muhammad ‘Imara [from Al-Azhar] – whose budget comes from the taxpayers, including the Copts…

“If I were a Copt, I would conduct a campaign within [Egypt], and outside it, to abolish the ‘religion’ entry on the Egyptian identity card. Why should someone who conducts a relationship with me on the general and public level want to know what my religion is?…

“If I were a Copt, I would make the world understand that the issue of the Copts in Egypt is one of the symptoms of a [certain] mentality, whose influence has spread through this region of the world, and that all humanity must force [those] with this mentality to reconsider this discriminatory path.”

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  1. someone May 17, 2007 at 9:29 am #

    If I were a copt I would have told the whole world about the preasure of the copts in Egypt
    If I were a copt I would let the world know the injustice copts face in Egypt since 1952, that they don’t get what they deserve of political positions
    If I were a copt I would shake the world and Egypt because I pay taxes that fund Islamic academies and not let a christian learn one verse of the bible in their universities.
    If I were a copt I would shake the world because I pay taxes to fund mosques and never a church since 1952 when Gamal Abdul Nasir helped to build the patriachy center
    If I were a copt I would spread articles about the carelessness of the christian holidays as copts did not exist in egypt
    If I were a copt I would show the world what are the studies of History and arabic in egypt, that we don’t study poems but islamic verses
    If I were a copt I would complain about the troubles a copt has to face to get permission of building a church

    the rest of the article will be sent soon

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